The liberal New Civil War is in full effect, as fringe anarcho-fascists such as Antifa continue to disrupt the rest of American culture.

From the moment that Donald Trump entered the presidential race of 2016, a violent streak had emerged on the left side of American politics.  Agitators from the organization oxymoronically named “Antifa” began descending upon the soon-to-be President’s events, battling police and attempting to disrupt our American electoral process.  At one point, Trump was even forced to abandon his motorcade on account of the ridiculous antics of these masked, marauding millennials.

The group grew and intensified as Trump rose to power, and have now become a staple of organized violence across the country.  Antifa has been redrawing political lines in the sand that bolster their hair-trigger tempers, hoping to create a sense of chaos in any and all media coverage of the current administration.

One of their own, a man named Christopher Langer, was recently arrested after threatening to detonate an explosive during an argument with his parents.  What authorities discovered in the ensuing arrest and investigation was beyond disturbing.

“A Florida man who told officials he was anti-government and wanted to hurt first responders had explosive devices and substances in his parents’ house that could cause a ‘significant destruction and loss of life,’ police said on Monday.

“Christopher Langer, 31, was allegedly intoxicated and arguing with his parents just after 4 p.m. on Sunday when he said he placed explosive substances in a grenade, police said. His parents called police on the domestic disturbance, who responded to the call and contacted the bomb squad, prompting a more than 13-hour investigation.

“’It was a tale of two homes,’ Volusia Sheriff Michael Chitwood said at a news conference on Monday. ‘When you first walk in, you say, ‘I can’t believe someone is in here making bombs.’ And then you go into his room, which is absolutely deplorable that if I was a roach I wouldn’t want to live in that room.’

“Langer initially denied having a grenade, but then admitted he threw it outside and offered to lead investigators to it. A deputy found a pineapple-like grenade with a paperclip that prevented it from detonating, police said. Langer had allegedly purchased it at a supply store.

“About 200 other containers were discovered inside the home. They contained unknown powders and acids — including nitric acid, sulfuric acid, sulfur — and other materials. Most of the bottles contained bodily fluids, not bomb-making materials that the bomb squad initially suspected.”

Given Antifa’s fondness for the use of urine in their chaotic campaigns, it stands to reason that Langer was likely incorporating this foul tactic into his bomb-making enterprise.

These horrendously violent and radical leftists will certainly continue to multiply and indoctrinate the malleable youth of our nation thanks to the near-blackout of coverage from the mainstream media – a conglomerate of organizations who have largely enabled Antifa and the anarchic liberal base in their quest for upheaval.


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