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Why Should Hannity Have to Disclose His HUD-Backed Real-Estate Empire?

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Last Monday a judge forced Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime fixer and attorney-sort-of-at-law, to reveal that Sean Hannity is his client. Naturally, the mainstream media was quick to denounce the Fox News host for routinely railing against the federal investigation of Cohen, without ever disclosing the nature of their relationship. Later on Twitter and his Fox News show, Hannity set the record straight for his fans. Did Cohen ever represent him in a legal matter? No. Did he provide legal advice? Sure, they had “occasional brief conversations” about “legal questions,” which “exclusively, almost, focused on real...

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Alfie and Haleigh and Charlie and Jahi

Alfie and Haleigh and Charlie and Jahiby Michelle MalkinCreators SyndicateCopyright 2018 When British hospital officials tried to pull the plug on 23-month-old toddler Alfie Evans on Monday night in arrogant defiance of his parents’ wishes, many Americans took to Twitter to count their blessings that they live in a country that would not allow such tyranny. “Stories like Alfie Evans make me realize how grateful I am to live in America where freedom still exists,” one young social media user wrote. “Folks, is this what we want for America? Parents rendered helpless before the gods of socialized medicine?” retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West asked. Alfie’s plight comes less than a year after another British baby boy with a rare genetic condition, Charlie Gard, was taken off life support after his parents lost a similar battle with judges and medical officials. “WAKE UP AMERICA! We cannot let this happen in the U.S.,” social media user Dian tweeted. #AlfieEvans is not the first child the UK has decided must die. That is what socialized health care and panels gets you. WAKE UP AMERICA! We cannot let this happen in the U.S.#SocialismKillsPeople — Dian (@theotherdi) April 24, 2018 But it has happened — and continues to happen — in America. How quickly the public forgets. In 2005, medical experts and child welfare bureaucrats in the state of Massachusetts deemed 11-year-old Haleigh...

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Nielsen: Radio Rules the Media World

RUSH: Now, if you’ll permit me a brief departure into inside baseball.  Over the years — and, even now, I’ll be honest. Even now, I am under… I wouldn’t call it pressure. Although depending, it could be if you looked at it that way. But I’m under a lot… There are beaucoup requests for me to go on TV, to go back to TV — and I’m flattered by it, and I’m always receptive. I listen to what people say.  But I have no burning desire to go back to TV, and there are many reasons for it. But...

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VA pick Ronny Jackson denies Dems’ allegations, including that he crashed car while drunk

President Donald Trump’s embattled pick to head the Department of Veterans Affairs denied that he crashed a government car while drunk, one of a string of new accusations unearthed by Democrats on Wednesday. Dr. Ronny Jackson said he would move ahead with the nomination process despite the allegations of bad behavior. “Did not wreck a car. Should be pretty … pretty easy to prove that,” he said, adding he “doesn’t know where these allegations are coming from.” The White House physician said he’s looking forward to “answering everybody’s questions.” Based on conversations with 23 of Jackson’s colleagues and former colleagues,...

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Ex-Clinton Aide Goes On A Tirade Against Cop: ‘You May Shut The F- Up!’ (VIDEO)

Police released a video Tuesday showing a former financial adviser to Hillary Clinton getting involved in a heated, profanity-laced confrontation with several officers.  60-year-old Caren Z. Turner’s outburst was recorded as she threw what amount to a toddler-like temper tantrum. “You may shut the f— up!”  Turner screams at an officer at one point. Port Authority ethics chairwoman Caren Turner resigned after being caught on video berating and threatening officers : — POLITICO (@politico) April 24, 2018 Turner, who is a Democrat, had previously served on finance committees for Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and former New Jersey...

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