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Ocasio-Cortez: Capitalism “will not always exist in the world”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the hottest commodity in the progressive movement, and arguably in the Democratic Party. The New York Democratic Socialist stunned the Democrat elite by defeating Joe Crowley, the number 4 Democrat in the House and a likely future Speaker of the House if Democrats regained control, in a primary. Now that the spotlight is shining on Ocasio-Cortez, we are getting a better understanding of just how far left and shallow her political positions are. Walks Back Criticism of Israel, Says Needs to Learn More Ocasio-Cortez was interviewed by Margaret Hoover on PBS Firing Line. (Full video embed...

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The 10 Essential Traits of Alpha Males

A lot of people seem to confuse being an alpha male with being an @sshole. There are alpha males who are @ssholes (Steve Jobs fit that description), but that’s certainly not necessary. Let me also note that if you have to tell people that you’re an alpha because they won’t just figure it out on their own, then you’re not an alpha. When people are around you for a while, if you’re really an alpha male, it will shine through. Furthermore, when people try to define what an alpha is, they often tack on all sorts of extraneous qualities...

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Anti-Iran protests rock southern Iraq

I wrote here about an emerging strategy to undermine the Iranian regime. A key element is making the regime pay for its regional adventurism, which has become quite unpopular with the Iranian population. This can be accomplished this by making Iran’s adventurism increasingly costly and humiliating the regime by thwarting its ambitions. As Jonathan Speyer explained it: A strategy seeking to contain further Iranian gains and then to roll Iran back is likely to focus on increasing the cost of Iran’s adventures abroad and exacerbate internal tensions while subjecting the country to tactical humiliations and defeats in order to reduce any domestic benefit to be accrued from regional commitments. Tehran will thus be forced to either spend more on its commitments, exacerbating the problems at home, or pull back, with the accompanying humiliation and loss of prestige. The strategy extends to countries throughout the region. Though the stakes seem highest in Syria right now, Speyer views Iraq as key. So, apparently, does Saudi Arabia, the arch-enemy of Iran. It has pledged $1 billion in loans and $500,000 in export credits to Iraq for reconstruction following the war against Islamic State. In my post on the subject, I expressed doubt about the extent to which we can curb Iranian influence in Iraq. But news from Iraq last week suggests that Iraqis themselves want to curb it. In the south of...

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Sam Bee: I was really impacted by using the c-word

What’s happened with Samantha Bee since the fateful night when she called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c-word” earlier this year? Well, times have been hard. It’s true that she hasn’t lost her TBS television show. She briefly lost a couple of advertisers, but what impact that has on a network like TBS which operates on the margins compared to the alphabet networks is hard to say. She still went on to receive a Television Academy award. So it wasn’t all that bad, right? Not so fast. It’s really affected her personally. Perhaps it was even a gamechanger. Has she...

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Five key topics that Trump, Putin are expected to discuss in major Helsinki summit

President Trump has arrived in Helsinki, Finland, ahead of a major summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, after Trump said earlier in the weekend he had “low expectations” but “maybe some good” would come out of the meeting. The president did not answer shouted questions from reporters as he made his way from Air Force One after landing. On Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said the summit shouldn’t happen. The July 16 meeting is set to be the first official Russian-U.S. presidential summit since 2010. The two leaders last spoke in person in November 2017 at an economic summit...

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