How do we know that as President, Donald Trump will keep his campaign promises? Which one is the most important promise to you? The Donald promised to drain the swamp, build a wall, bring back jobs, cut back regulations, and quite a few more. This article takes a look at what he did to get to the election victory and then draws a conclusion from that. Read and be encouraged as to why he will keep his promises.

As Written By and for the Joe David: Reposted with Permission

Donald J. Trump won. He stood alone, while others attacked, and he beat them all one by one at their own game. He did it without the support of K-Street lobbyists, the media, the political machine, and key Republican leaders. Throughout it all, he remained tall, strong, confident, as he fought back boldly.

Despite his rough exterior and his mischievous past, Americans rewarded him by choosing him as the 45th president of the United States of America. Not by a thin margin, as some predicted, but by an electoral landslide.

Will he succeed? Will he be committed enough to lead America in the right direction and correct the damage Barack Obama has caused?  He has proven to Americans during his campaign that he could. The big question: Will he?