In the whirlwind of maneuvers being performed on Capitol Hill over the course of the last few hours, one can get a bit lost.

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As it stands now, Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford has refused to testify in front of Congress to publicly declare her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are true.  Ford is demanding that the FBI investigate the incident first, in order to have all relevant information available.

The only problem is that the FBI has denied her request on multiple occasions over the last 24 hours, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation has never been in the business of spending American taxpayer money to look into the sexual behavior of high school kids in the early 1980’s.

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Ford nor her lawyers seem willing to recognize this fact, and are refusing to help the nation get to the bottom of this mess at all.

Given the audacity of the tactics, Senator Chuck Grassley has had no choice but to set a timeline for discussion.

Now, we wait.  If Dr. Ford cannot be compelled to testify, (something that she surely knew would be a possibility when she sent the original letter over the summer), I don’t know what choice that leaves the rest of the nation.

We simply can’t allow “guilty until proven innocent” become the new standard in America, as it would undermine everything that we’ve worked to achieve over the last 240 years.

Due process is due process for all involved, not only the accuser and not only the defendant.  This case isn’t in the FBI’s jurisdiction, and its unlikely that any other law enforcement agency would take up such a 36 year old cold case.

Dr. Ford’s best chance to be heard will be in Monday’s testimony, undeniably.  The decision is hers.

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