Does the media feeding frenzy help or hurt Moore?

Attorney Gloria Allred has scheduled a press conference at 2:30 PM EDT with an alleged Roy Moore accuser, adding to the dumpster fire of Alabama’s special senate election.

An article published by the Washington Post last week featured four women who allege Moore engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct when they were but teenagers and he was in his thirties.

Watch the press conference live:

And in case that one isn’t working, try here:

Or here:

Since the allegations broke, Moore has conceding dating younger women and said he knows two of his accusers, but not the youngest two. Moore remains vehement in his denial of the allegations and contends a conspiracy was set in motion to derail his senate bid. Before the allegations broke, Moore maintained a nine-point lead over his Democratic opponent.

The entire ordeal is shaping up perfectly along predictable factions. Republican mainliners are siding with accusers and withdrawing support (most of them had backed Moore’s Republican primary opponent Luther Strange). Conservative Senator Mike Lee withdrew his endorsement of Moore and Sen. Cruz called the allegations ‘serious and disturbing’ and said Moore should withdraw from the race if the allegations are true.

Senate Majority leader McConnell graduated from the “if true” qualifier Monday, saying he believes Moore’s accusers:

Moore would hear none of it:

Sens Snow and Hatch joined the calls for withdrawal:

The allegations aside, the entire ordeal is the perfect establishment and media vs. (what used to be Tea Party) populist underdog candidate.

Myself and others believe that the allegations, the media frenzy, and the calls to withdraw by so-called establishment Republicans serve to embolden Moore’s support.

And from the ground:

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