A man in Kansas City who was told he wasn’t allowed to enter the polling place with a Make America Great (MAGA) hat on his head got sweet revenge against the liberal poll minders who tried to deprive him of his right to vote on Tuesday.

A man who just wanted to perform his most sacred American duty of casting his vote in the Missouri primary was told by a poll worker on Tuesday that he was not allowed to vote because he was wearing one of the president’s signature campaign hats.

The Democrat poll worker was apparently triggered by the MAGA hat and, like all Democrats, revealed his inner fascist by telling the voter to leave the polling place.

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Imagine, an American trying to disenfranchise his neighbor over a simple hat. But that is exactly what happened, according to the Kansas City Star.

But the liberal hater got a surprise when his minders told him what the law really is:

An election worker told a Clay County man he couldn’t wear a “Make America Great Again” hat while voting in Kansas City, North on Tuesday.

But the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office said he could, in fact, wear the hat because it doesn’t pertain to this primary election, according to Tiffany Ellison, a director with the Clay County Election Board.

The man attempted to vote at the Northland Cathedral.

Ellison, a Democrat, said that after a polling worker asked the man to remove his hat, he became “upset” and “combative.” Police eventually escorted the man out, Ellison said.

He then called the Secretary of State’s Office, which said he broke no voting law.

“(The Clay County Election Board) called him to let him know he could go back up there. He thanked us and apologized for his behavior,” Ellison said.

Notice, the MAGA hat-wearing man apologized for being belligerent behavior. That is something no Democrat knows how to do.

But, his ire can be understood. After all, Democrats tried to prevent him from voting and they enlisted the heavy had of the police, that sided with the anti-American liberals, to carry out the order. I think I might get a tad “combative,” too!

In the end, it turned out that the MAGA hat did not present any breach of Missouri election law which does bar the wearing of candidate gear inside the polling place. But “MAGA” is a slogan, not a “candidate” and further more it is President Trump’s slogan. And Trump is not on the ballot during the Missouri midterms. So, no laws were violated, as it happened.


But leave it to Democrats to immediately resort to heavy-handed, fascist tactics.

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