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In today’s issue: Pointing to tragic consequences in history resulting from appeasement, Savage warns that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un must be confronted.

“I learned one thing about bullies: Unless you stand up to them, even if they’re bigger than you, they’re going to crush you,” Savage said.

“Now, North Korea is smaller than [we are]. But North Korea is a bully. They’re bullying us, because they’re used to bullying us, because we’ve had punks running America.”

Savage continued:

We’ve had punks running America, Islamophiles running America.

We’ve had think-tankers and defense contractors, but we’ve never had — in recent times, anyway — someone willing to stand up for America.

This is no longer an internal feud inside the White House. This is the president, the commander-in-chief, who has his finger on the button, whether you like it or not.

And, of course, many of you are terrified that he actually may do this.

So, I’m asking you, the audience, is Trump right to threaten North Korea?

North Korea said it’s going to attack Guam by mid-August. Many people are saying, Why can’t we talk him?

For example, mad Maxine Waters — who should be investigated for the scandalous inveigling of funds connected with Freddie and Fannie — Maxine Waters has not shut her big fat mouth yet, and she says we should talk to North Korea.

William Cohen, former so-called defense secretary, says that Trump’s “fire and fury” comment was bombastic, and silence would have been better.

Well, William Cohen was well-known to have embarrassed the United States as defense secretary.

I believe he oversaw the bombing of Serbia, if I’m not mistaken. He seems to have been very happy to have bombed Serbia and blown up every bridge on the Danube River; now he’s telling Trump to do nothing.

What’s really interesting is that many of the leftists in America are now sort of siding with North Korea.

They’re saying, all he really wants in the reunification of Korea. Is that something you think would be good? To take a communist dictatorship where people are eating straw and they’re killed if they, let us say, lambaste or even criticize the dictator, Kim Jong Fat One, in any way.

If Kim Jong Fat One is at all intimidated, they wind up dead or in a concentration camp.

And now the left in America is saying we should talk to him and let him reunify Korea into a hellhole?

Do you people not understand that South Korea is an example of what capitalism produces when people are unshackled from communism or socialism or any of the other isms that you people are so in love with at your universities? Where you don’t really work for a living, where you do is collect a government check and then tell everyone the government is great and the taxpayer is an idiot?

Did you hear what I just said to you?

He wants to reunify Korea into a hellhole, a dictatorship, like he has (produced) in the north.

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