The left’s incessant use of division politics to fuel their electoral machine has long been ripe for a conflict, and a war could be on the horizon.

For the left, progressive policies are all untested by their very nature.  This means that leftist ideologies are incredibly difficult to absorb for large swaths of the public.  Generally, the left has found that dividing the undecided American voters into smaller, bite-sized demographics allows them to mold the democratic message to the specific audience.

Divide and conquer.  Over and over.  Rinse and repeat.

One of the latest and most blatant examples of this inexcusable social trickery comes to us from the sudden cultural trending toward gender neutrality.  Where a tiny portion of democratic voters once considered themselves trans, former President Barack Obama’s sudden obsession with the rights of those Americans threw the leftist cult into a frenzy.  Suddenly, there wasn’t just male, female, and other.  Instead, there were 70-some individual pronouns available, based on every possible combination of biological, sentimental, emotional, and mental parameters available.

Now, as the trans community attempts to back out of this PR nightmare that the democratic party created for them, the feminists are wondering how they’ve so quickly been eclipsed by this sudden onslaught of trans-advocacy.  A war between the two factions has been brewing for some time, and some feminists are now concerned that their pink hats, meant to represent their womanhood, could be deemed offensive to transgendered Americans.

“The pink ‘pussyhats’ worn by American feminists throughout 2017 have become problematic.

“But not because of their stupidity or vulgarity, but because – wait for it… – they are offensive to transgender and non-binary people!

“That’s right, since transgender women don’t have vaginas, pussyhats are now a symbol that enforce unhealthy gender norms.

“The Detroit Free Press reports this week that the Women’s March – which has been busy this month ignoring anti-veil women being brutally beaten in Iran – will hopefully feature a lot less of those genital head-coverings this year.

“Oh, and pussyhats are definitely racist too.

“’The sentiment that the pink pussyhat excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender nonbinary people who don’t have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink,’ the article states.”

Here, at the intersection of Political Correctness Avenue and Common Sense Way, there seems to be a massive traffic accident.

The idea that overt feminism and overt trans-ism can coexist in perpetuity is absurd to say the least.  Gender-isms, in general, are only useful for dividing people into malleable morsels.  When these factions then look around, they see oppressors instead of allies surrounding them.  In the case of the feminists and transgender advocates, the fight to figure out who the horse is, who the cart is, and what order they should be attached to one another in could be the downfall of both camps.

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