video said to be of NYT reporters discussing whether to hiss or boo TrumpA video posted to YouTube on Tuesday is said to catch reporters at the New York Times deciding whether to cheer or boo President-elect Donald Trump on his arrival at Trump Tower.

According to the report, one reporter wanted to remain “oddly silent” while others “disagreed” and elected to “hiss and boo.”

The Gateway Pundit posted a transcript of the video:

Reporter 1: Tommy… Tommy… Tommy… They’re rolling…

Reporter 2: They’re rolling.

Reporter 2: Cheers or Boos from the crowd… What say you guys?

Reporter 3: (Laughter)

Reporter 2: Boo…

Here’s the video:

We watched the video several times and while those words are clearly heard, it’s not clear who, exactly, made the statements, and it’s impossible to…