Perhaps there’s a cohesive strategy behind all of this, or maybe these are the actions of an emotionally unhinged individual with a once promising acting career crashing and burning.

Whatever this is, we’re fascinated at watching Shia LaBeouf performing another mindless stunt, like coming upon an accident scene, mesmerized by the carnage, however unable to look away.

Wondering if this time LaBeouf will be arrested, assaulted, or perhaps turning violent, all of which he’s demonstrated in the past with his “He will not divide us” stunt.

If you recall LaBeouf the last time around convinced the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City, that it would be a good idea to have a 24/7 live streaming camera outside the museum recording individuals confronting each other and yelling into the camera “He will not divide us”…the “he” of course being President Trump.

Obviously, from the “get-go” this was a potential assault simply waiting for the right time and victim, which occurred approximately one month after its debut with the arrest of LaBeouf assaulting an observer who may have been a Trump supporter.

This latest stunt was a bit less confrontational, and even less time-consuming lasting less than a day.

LaBeouf had…

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