RUSH: I also got an email did you agree break. “Rush, Rush, what do you think of this George Conway situation?” Folks, this is so unseemly to me that I don’t quite know what to think about this. So much of this is inexplicable. I’ll tell you, there’s a theory going around. Dawn, tell me what you think of this theory.

The theory in Never Trumpville, the Never Trumpers think – because people don’t understand. Here you’ve got a married couple, Kellyanne Conway, works for Trump, you’ve got her husband who’s a lawyer and a professor and whatever. He spends every waking moment attacking his wife’s boss.

And the latest is he’s tweeted out a couple of definitions of some pathologies, some psychological disorders, claiming that Trump has narcissist deflection personality and some other crazy thing. His wife is one of the key communications employees for the president of the United States, and this guy’s out there attempting to sabotage and undermine his wife’s boss.

Now, the Never Trumpers are looking at this, and they’re saying, “This doesn’t compute. There’s no way this marriage can continue unless something that we don’t know is going on.” This is not Carville and Matalin. They were not undermining each other. Not like Conway is undermining his own wife. And she doesn’t reply to it. You know, Mary, they’d get back and forth, you know, with Serpent Head and so forth in a friendly, humorous, sometimes cutting. But it wasn’t anything like this. This is not Carville and Matalin — I’m sorry — Matalin and Carville.

Now, in Never Trumpville, the theory is — are you ready for this? Three, two, one — that George Conway is only doing this because Kellyanne wants him to. That Kellyanne thinks Trump is crazy but can’t say it because she works for him, and so she is using her — this is what the Never Trumpers believe. The Never Trumpers are out there thinking — they look at this and they say there’s no way that this marriage can continue. There’s literally no way.

Put yourself in this marriage and imagine your spouse undermining you publicly three to four times a week like this. And undermining your boss, who just happens to be the president. I mean, couples have gotten divorced for far less than this. But this marriage continues. So in Never Trumpville, they’re telling themselves that this couldn’t possibly be happening unless Kellyanne wanted it to happen.

Really? If Kellyanne really thinks all of this crazy stuff that her husband is tweeting out there, she could quit. What do you think CNN would pay her to come on every day? They’d give her a three-hour block. They’d pay her $25 million for three hours to come on and explain all of this on a never-ending loop that they would run. She doesn’t need to have her husband do this, is the point, if this is what she wants to do. Plus, there aren’t very many — in fact, she may be, in the whole White House communication shop, she may the best consistent explainer, defender of Trump that he’s got. And that would be a tough thing to fake.

I’m just telling you, I don’t know George Conway, I’ve never met him, and I didn’t even know what he looked like until all this began. I know Kellyanne a little, but not well. But as a husband, I cannot possibly relate to this. I can’t imagine doing this. I can’t even conceive, unless I was so angry and so consumed with bitterness over things that had nothing to do — I cannot conceive of this. I think it is immature, it is silly, and now George is all excited ’cause Trump finally responded.

Trump has been ignoring him for two years and Trump’s finally responded. And George: Oh, wow, oh, wow I finally got his attention. Now he’s tweeting out even more psychological disorders, copying them and pasting them into tweets. I don’t know how Kellyanne puts up with it. I’ve mentioned it to her. I saw her at the Trump rally in Cape Girardeau. She was there. And I tried to express, you know, a little sympathy, a little understanding. And she just laughed it off. “Oh, George is just silly. George, don’t pay any attention that. George is just –”

I said, “Okay. Just trying to let you know here that I feel for you.”

“Ah, no big deal.” And she just waved it off like George was one of her wayward children over whom she’d lost some control. Think of the book deal that she could get if the Never Trump theory of this is accurate. Anyway, you’ll probably see that theory, if you haven’t already, you’ll probably see it bandied about throughout the Drive-By. Because if CNN gets hold of this, and they probably will now, they will just go bonkers with it.


RUSH: We’ve got Kate in Carson City, Nevada. This is the old Kate from Fairfield, California, back from my Sacramento days. You’re back at it. As always, it’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Well, it’s great to talk to you, Rush. And, by the way, just to confirm, you did do exactly what you did in Sacramento. You did that nationally. So Ted Koppel’s full of it. But that’s not why I called. I called because my anger toward George Conway has been growing and growing, and it absolutely blew up yesterday when I saw his tweets or whatever you call ’em. Anyway, I don’t know why Kellyanne stays with this man. What he’s doing to her — and I’ll tell you what my theory is. He’s jealous. He’s jealous that his wife successfully elected Donald Trump as president and is probably his most articulate —

RUSH: You know, this —

CALLER: — defender in the press.

RUSH: Kate?

CALLER: I think he’s jealous!

RUSH: Maybe. I have to tell you something, though. I don’t understand that either. I —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: No, no. Personally. If… I am so proud of Kathryn for what she has done with the heavy lifting on the Rush Revere books and the redesign of My wife, the more she succeeds, the prouder I am. I can’t understand being that insecure and being jealous. Why can’t he marvel in it, revel in it, and be part of it and help her along with this? I don’t understand it, either. Now, Mr. Snerdley told me that you were glad I finally brought this up.

CALLER: Yes. I certainly was.

RUSH: Well, I —

CALLER: I was waiting for you to bring it up.

RUSH: Here’s the problem. See, I have to be very careful about what I bring up. I didn’t want to bring it up today. I didn’t want to give this guy any more amplification than he’s already got. When I talk about something, the world hears about it eventually, and I don’t know if this guy’s worth it. But it got to a breaking point today. Some of this stuff is just so over the top, and it is inexplicable. It doesn’t make any sense.

CALLER: No, it doesn’t, except you know what I think? I think the things that George Conway is saying about Donald Trump are actually true about George Conway. You know how sometimes you’ll say something about someone else that’s really the truth about you?

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. I really do. Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. I think George Conway is the one who’s got problems. George Conway’s the one who’s dealing with narcissism. George Conway’s the one who’s got terrible, you know, uhhh, Small-Hand Syndrome or whatever you want to call it. George Conway —

RUSH: A-ha! A-ha! Now we’re getting somewhere!

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Small-Hand Syndrome.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah. I can always count on you to get to where it really matters, Kate.

CALLER: Hey, I got eight kids, you know?

RUSH: Well, sadly, sadly I’m out of precious broadcast time, but you nailed it. I mean, there’s nobody that has any doubt what you mean (lauging) or what you’re thinking about this. I’m glad you called. I always am.

CALLER: (laughing) Love you, Rush.

RUSH: Take care.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

RUSH: Right. Back here in just a second.

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