The idea of a nationwide “resistance” to the President is a dangerous one, as evidenced by the continued radicalization of the liberal left.

From the moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, there was a palpable and chaotic riptide flowing just below the mainstream in America.  In this channel of turbulence were the beginnings of domestic terror groups such as Antifa, and the remnants of organizations such as Black Lives Matter, gathering in order to foment their distaste and distrust of a democratically elected leader.

Once Trump was inaugurated, however, all Hell broke loose on the left.

What was once a collection of angry ideas quickly turned to violent vitriol, and we were immediately bombarded by attacks on the President, his supporters, and conservatives in general.  One of the worst incidents involved a radical liberal by the name of James T. Hodgkinson, whose Facebook profile was linked to several anti-republican pages with titles that insinuated “hunting” the GOP.  That is precisely what Hodgkinson did.

Now it seems that yet another attack on the President and his government has been thwarted by the Secret Service, who have certainly had their hands full in the year since Trump took office.

“A man was arrested outside the White House early Tuesday morning with a loaded gun inside a vehicle, the Secret Service said.

“The incident was first reported as a suspicious vehicle around 2:30 a.m. in the area of 15th Street and New York Avenue, NW, according to authorities.

“A D.C. police report states that 43-year-old Bryan Mchugh of Alexandria, Virginia, told responding officers the vehicle ‘contained a pressure switch with extra gasoline.’ Authorities say, the vehicle was searched and no explosives were found, but a loaded gun was recovered.

“Shortly before 5 a.m., the vehicle was deemed safe to tow and the scene was cleared, according to officials.”

For some reason, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, the left will likely continue to push their nasty narrative of “resistance” to the President, and no shortage of violent imagery will be created by liberal artists and musicians looking to cash in on the left’s Trump Assassination Chic.

This is beyond deplorable and far graver a threat to our American society than many of us realize.  The wholesale belief that a President should be killed is what the left is allowing to mutate from their unwillingness to condemn these actions.

Furthermore, even well organized, destructive forces such as Antifa have only recently been recognized for the terrorism they commit, originally being labeled as nothing more than an activism group before states such as New Jersey realized their deadly potential.


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